Galvanized Dock Connectors

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The Post Side Brackets are used with 4x4's.  Bracket can be used for attaching posts to dock or for mounting handrails.
This 4
The Wood Corner Brackets are used with 4
4x4  Adjustable Brace Assembly - Used for diagonal bracing between two 4x4 wood dock legs.    It is manufactured using cast aluminum so it is built to last.  Using this for diagonal bracing will help stabilize your dock.
Washer Plate - Stainless Steel
Our high quality marine hardware is manufactured using 1/4″ stainless steel to prevent rust and weather damage in even the harshest of conditions. Compare our product to our competition and you will see why our parts are the best in the industry.

Tide Guide Set - Tide Guide & Ring
Our New Heavy Duty Tide Guide mounts to piles or breakwalls.  Allows movement of your boat while securing it in place.  The rugged design holds up under high winds and waves for long term use.  Ring slides smoothly on 4' of rod.  The heavy duty ring allows for easy in and out securing of your boat.

This package is a more robust version of our Dock-in-a-box kit.  Using our own new stainless steel hardware we created a kit that is marine grade, and capable of withstanding the more demanding rigors of lake and sea applications. This hardware has the exact same dimenions as our galvanized line, but since it is stainless it has higher corrosion resistence and higher aesthetic appeal.
Solar LED Boat Dock Light - Low Profile Design